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Canadian CVTech Group generously provided our Team a CVT for a greatly reduced price. CVTech is a leader in a field of Continuous Variable Power Transmission System Manufacturing. Their products can be found in a variety of vehicles including ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, Mini-cars, Scooters and Electric Vehicles. We thank CVTech for helping moving our Team forward!

Peak Powersports  Helps Spearheading a Design Process

Our Team plans to participate in 2014 BAJA SAE competition. This is our first competition and it is important to start design early to make sure that we have enough caution time shall something go wrong. Burlington’s Peak Powersports Polaris distributor allowed us to come in and measure suspension components. They also advised us on what machines we should consider. Peak Powersports had a great inventory to select from and we were able to measure a couple of machines we were interested in. Their help greatly sped up our design process

SciCan Ltd.

SciCan Ltd. provides a full spectrum of infection control solutions with the most innovative and effective products available. In addition, SciCan is embarking on a journey towards becoming a more environmentally and socially sustainable company. As a part of this program, UofT Baja Team got financially supported, and is very thankful for helping us to make tremendous progress!

ESAB sponsors welding equipment to the UofT Baja Team

Any shop is not complete without a good welder, and now the UofT Baja Team got one! ESAB generously provided our club an entire package. We now have a Tig welder, Mig welder, welding jackets, welding helmets, gloves and consumables. They also are willing to provide application consultation throughout the build. Thank you, ESAB, for an immense support!

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